VIN 350 Roadster

Some Roadster owners are confident in, and anticipating the future collectible status these cars represent.

Such is the case with a pair of Roadsters we had the privilege of working on for this savvy customer.

These owners do not turn their Roadsters into daily drivers, realizing future value is often contingent on condition, low mileage, and an obsessive focus on regular maintenance schedules, and staying ahead of the deferred maintenance curve.  Service history, in the world of car collecting, becomes an important part of the vehicle credentials, adding to valuation.

This particular pristine vehicle came to us as part of a collection, for not only the annual Preventive Maintenance, but a PEM problem which we resolved.

Gruber Motor Company has been involved in tracking and documenting Tesla Roadster aging issues, and has been at the forefront of identifying age related engineering problems, such as the IGBT transistor insulating material degradation.  We pioneered a resolution, along with other growing issues, and shared our findings with Tesla and the broader Roadster community in the form of Tech Tips.  Our Roadster reverse engineering work continues to reveal new engineering issue in the Roadster drive train, from ESS Battery pack, to Power Electronics Module (PEM).

The end result is a stunning example of what Roadsters looked like in 2008.  This well preserved vehicle is well positioned and poised for the collectible market.