Pro-active PEM Overhaul

This Midnight Blue Roadster owner was concerned about the age of his Power Electronics Module (PEM), and decided to pro-actively rebuild it rather than wait for a failure.

Some customers, who wait for this major electronics assembly to fail, pay a price by ending up with damage to critical electronic driver boards, which are no longer in production.  Our company is able to perform component level repairs to damaged boards, up to a point, since these are sophisticated multi-layer boards with LSI chips in them.  The high current backfed signals when transistors short, sometimes destroy the circuit boards beyond repair.

This PEM received the full treatment upgrade and overhaul and while we were performing the engineering issues upgrades, we found compromised insulating material which would have resulted in shorted output transistors (see gallery pictures).

So, this customer’s timing was spot on.  There are many Roadsters running around with the same risk of shorting power transistors and other deferred maintenance issues.