PEM Catches Fire

This 2010 Tesla Roadster had a Power Electronics Module (PEM) fire.

The only other PEM, one of our European partners saw with damage like this, was a resistive Electrolytic Capacitor blowing up inside the PEM.

Miraculously, both PEMs were able to be rebuilt and repaired, which is vital since these large electronics assemblies are the heart to the car, and out of production since 2008.

This Roadster came to us dead, with the PEM fire disabling the drive train.

Being in the Critical Power Equipment business since 1984, we are well versed in repairing inverters, which is what EV’s use to convert the DC stored energy, to 3 phase AC current.  The equipment Gruber Power Services works on in Data Centers around the world, is often much larger than a Tesla Roadster PEM.

We were able to not only resolve all the fire damage, but actually improved on the original design of this PEM by replacing the burned power cables with higher amperage versions.

Most people also do not realize if our level 2 PEM rebuild and upgrade is selected, any PEM repairs necessary are free, and part of the rebuild process, which is what this customer selected to do.

While in our Service Center, the owner, who was moving out of the country, took advantage of our free Roadster matchmaking service, and we found a buyer for his car.

Today, this Roadster is back on the road, with a fully rebuilt PEM, providing enjoyment to the new owner.