Signature Roadster VIN 73

This Fusion Red 2008 Roadster is one of the first 100 “Signature series” Roadsters released in the USA.

It came to us because of a parasitic cell, progressively reducing standard charge range down to 81 miles by the time it got to our Service Center.

Roadsters in this condition have a dying brick which is the reason for the declining range.  The battery management system (BMS), for safety reasons, will only allow charging to the lowest brick, and a parasitic cell in a brick is what causes this condition.

Left unattended, the eventual outcome is a Roadster that can no longer accept a charge, or a “bricked state”.

One of the bricks sustained adjacent cell damage from the parasitic cell, and a sheet replacement was done, along with a cell repair on a second sheet.  Today, the Roadster ESS pack has become stable again, and restored functionality to VIN 73.