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VIN 5YJRE1A3XA1001146 Year 2010 greenCheck Rear Camera red x Can Jr. Adapter
Transmission Automatic Mileage 129 Mi | 207 Km greenCheck Hard Top red x Can Sr. Adapter
Body Type 2 Door Coupe Make Tesla greenCheck Soft Top red x Brake Upgrade
Warranty As Is Model Roadster red x Carbon Fiber Hard Top red x GMC Rebuilt PEM
0-60 MPH 3.7 Seconds Battery Size 53 KW red x 12V Battery Relocation greenCheck Sport Version
Fuel Type 100% Electric C.A.C. 0 red x LED Headlights red x OVMS Upgrade
Exterior Color Very Orange Range @ 85% 0 Mi | 0 Km greenCheck Infotainment Group red x R80 Battery Pack
Additional Info 129 miles on Odometer, bricked from day one, sold as is red x Carbon Fiber Ext Trim red x Executive Leather
red x HID Headlights

Vehicle Specifics

Each Roadster for sale has a story, and we encourage sellers to share.  This one is going to blow your mind!

So, what if you could go back in time, Tesla time that is, and buy a brand new Roadster from Tesla?  Would you do it?
Here is your chance, since a time capsule has just been opened, and here is the interesting tale:

In 2010, an EV manufacturer in China bought three brand new US spec LHD Roadsters from Tesla, for reverse engineering and autopsy.
The Tesla Roadster in 2010 was really the logical choice if someone wanted to copy EV technology, being the most successful production EV to date.
They bought:

1 – Radiant Red Sport Roadster – VIN 1107

2 – Very Orange Sport Roadster – VIN 1120

3 – Very Orange Sport Roadster – VIN 1146 (This listing)

They were shipped to a dock in China, but due to an unexpected bankruptcy, were abandoned in three sea containers by the buyer.
They have been sitting, entombed in sea containers, since 2010, in the dark, untouched, accruing storage charges.

Thirteen years later, they were discovered, and the current owners, seeing an opportunity to buy iconic untitled EV’s starting to head towards collectible, purchased all three, and paid over a decade of storage charges.

Each Roadster Roadster includes brand new HPC Clipper Creek TS-70 Roadster Wall Chargers, MS240 240 VAC charge cables, and MC120 “Yellow” charge cables.

Each Roadster comes with soft tops.

These Roadsters have the allowed test drive miles which changed from 30 miles initially, to 100 at a later date to flush out QC problems.

All three Roadsters have been “woken up” allowing access into Firmware and Log Files, to confirm Odometer readings, precisely what dates the Roadster ESS Main Battery went dead, and backups of firmware performed.

A thorough analysis was performed of overall condition including documenting decomposing Paint Protective Film (PPF), any aging and rodent activity, which was confined to drive train cavities with the cabins unaffected.

Cracked and clouded PPF removal has begun, and ongoing results are indicating complete removal may be possible with a combination of pressure washing and chemical adhesive removal.

Remediation processes were confined at this point to cleaning the interiors and exteriors, removing and dust and rodent debris, airing tires, etc.  A menu of further remediation will be created for prospective buyers to select from.

Due to the bizarre nature of this set of brand new Roadsters, this owner is accepting bids at this time only, and is trying to sell them as a set, but would entertain splitting them up.

Previous bids reached $2M for all three at one point, and the high bidder withdrew unable to insure the cars for a leasing operation.

The sellers will again begin collecting bids shortly, and would consider breaking up the trio.

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BIDS – (All in $US)
Bid 10/21/2023 –
$700K All three

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Gruber Motor Company specializes in Tesla vehicle service, engineering, aftermarket products & services, and Tesla vehicle restoration.  Starting with the the legendary and iconic Tesla Roadster, an aging fleet for which we have developed advanced levels of support, services, and products, our acquired skills are instrumental in keeping these cars on the road. 

Recognized by Tesla as a legacy parts supply partner, and our history of sharing our Roadster related re-engineering findings, has resulted in a bi-directional collaboration, all geared towards providing increased levels of support for the Roadster owner community.

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The Vehicle is sold "as is," and the Seller makes no express or implied warranties as to the condition or performance of the vehicle other than what is described in the Vehicle Specifics section.