Validation Prototype Roadster – Dallas, TX USA




VIN 5YJRE11B281V00024 Year 2008 greenCheck Rear Camera red x Can Jr. Adapter
Transmission Automatic Mileage 67384 Mi | 108444 Km greenCheck Hard Top red x Can Sr. Adapter
Body Type 2 Door Coupe Make Tesla greenCheck Soft Top red x Brake Upgrade
Warranty As Is Model Roadster red x Carbon Fiber Hard Top red x GMC Rebuilt PEM
0-60 MPH 3.9 Seconds Battery Size 53 kWh red x 12V Battery Relocation red x Sport Version
Fuel Type 100% Electric C.A.C. 103 red x LED Headlights red x OVMS Upgrade
Exterior Color Arctic White Range @ 85% 166 MI | 267 KM red x Infotainment Group red x R80 Battery Pack
Additional Info VP - One of 17 or less available red x Carbon Fiber Ext Trim red x Executive Leather
greenCheck HID Headlights

Vehicle Specifics

Rare Validation Prototype Roadster – Repriced to $185K

Every Roadster has a story with it, here’s what the owner shared:

I purchased VP24 from a California consignment dealer in April 2019 and have been enjoying every moment since then. I am the third owner on file. No accidents on file. Clean title in hand.

The Validation Prototypes are extremely rare. There were 31 confirmed VINs in existence, but only 19 confirmed that eventually were put into private employee & customer hands. Only 17 or less remain functional on the road, as 2 of 19 are confirmed destroyed. It is further rumored that 4 VPs are owned by certain executives that will never be sold. That leaves 13 VPs available for customer ownership.

They were produced in-between the sequence of Founders Series VINs and Signature 100 VINs, placing their historical significance equal to both of those series. Most of them were used for marketing purposes, many of which featured upgrades that eventually later made it to regular production such as suspension, headlights, audio upgrades and even features like Roadster 2.0 interior & powertrain. Interestingly enough, they were never meant to be sold to the public, but during a push for sales, Tesla made a decision to replace all wear items and sell several of them to employees, investors, and customers. Due to their extensive time as internal marketing vehicles, all of the Validation Prototypes were sold with higher mileage on them. In fact, the lowest mileage VP is rumored to be around 26,000 miles.

According to many former and current employees I have spoken to since ownership, VP24 was one of the most decorated marketing vehicles. Shown in links below, it was the “teacup Roadster” used in the William Ashley display in Canada, as well as the Car & Driver May 2009 issue test car. A copy of this May 2009 Car & Driver magazine will be included with the sale. Even more exciting is that a YouTube video exists of this test, shown below –

William Ashley article, featuring Jonas Brothers, if you’re into that sort of thing. –

Car & Driver May 2009 issue test –

As an owner that has studied and tracked Roadster VINs for the past twelve years, I’ve long agreed that VP24 is the second most famous VP, behind VP19, which was the infamous Top Gear test car that “died” on the track and sparked a lawsuit. Of the roughly ~1530 North American Roadster VINs, only 86 were produced in Arctic White. However, there is speculation that VP4 (the first Arctic White) was eventually converted into VP24, which purports VP24 to be the earliest Arctic White Roadster in existence. This VIN conversion happened several other times regarding Engineering Prototypes (EPs) and Validation Prototypes (VPs).

VP24 is very unique in that she features every factory upgrade available except for the front/rear fascias & 2.5 wheels from the later Roadster 2.5.

Below are the complete specs, including service history, condition, mileage, and photos for your consideration.

2008 Tesla Roadster

Validation Prototype 24 (one of 17 or less available to privately own)
Production Date – September 23, 2008
Estimated Production Number (if VPs released to customers are considered chronologically by their production dates) – 51
Production Position – between Signature 100 VIN 16 (Sep 18 2008) and Signature 100 VIN 20 (Sep 23 2008). Note that many Roadsters were finished with production out of sequence due to availability of certain parts and the vehicle firmware coming online.

Current Mileage – 67,384 Mi

Original MSRP & Options $120,450.00

2008 Roadster ($109,000)
Arctic White Premium Paint ($2,000)
Premium Black Interior ($1,800)
Forged Wheels ($2,300)
Electronics Group ($3,000)
Solar Guard Windshield ($400)
110V Spare Mobile Connector ($0)
Soft Top ($0)
Destination & Delivery ($1,950)

Tesla Factory Upgrades –

– Body Color Hard Top ($3,200)
– Xenon Headlamp Retrofit ($3,300)
– 10-Way Adjustable Sport Suspension ($6,000)
– Infotainment Upgrade with Double-DIN 7″ Touchscreen & Backup Camera ($6,600)
– Stage I Sound Reduction Package ($5,000)
– Stage II Sound Reduction Package ($3,000)
– Wheels Powdercoated factory Model S “Gloss Gray” ($1,500) – performed by Tesla themselves in 2013

Other Upgrades –

– Pioneer AVH4500 Double-DIN Audio Headunit with Wireless CarPlay unit ($1,162) – this was installed due to the factory Alpine IVA-NAV10

Notable Service History – 

11/14/14 – Steering Wheel Replaced
4/6/15 – Motor & Drive Unit Replaced @ 28,796 Miles
3/14/16 – Motor Fan Replaced
6/20/16 – New Key Remotes & TC Switch Replaced
7/27/16 – HVAC Compressor Replaced
2/12/18 – All Four TPMS Sensors Replaced
6/2/22 – Lock Cylinder Assembly Replaced
8/5/22 – Coolant Pump & Coolant Replaced
5/9/23 – All Four Tires Replaced & Balanced (Continental DWS06+)
5/18/23 – Annual Service Performed
11/13/23 – Rear Upper Suspension Wishbones, Charge Port Door Hinge & Trunk Struts Replaced. Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid & HVAC Refrigerant Replaced

There were numerous other small items replaced over the years as I spared no expense maintaining this car. Happy to share full records upon request.

Condition – 

Exterior Paint is 85/100. It is a nearly 16 year old car, so the front bumper has some small rock chips, and the rocker panels on both sides have some rock chips as well. Most of these small paint defects existed when I purchased the car at 36,000 miles, likely from Tesla’s original testing, marketing and ownership. However, the original paint has been meticulously taken care of. I had a light correction and ceramic coating professionally applied 4 years ago, and to this day I frequently get asked if this car is the new Roadster or if it’s been repainted. To preserve its originality, I did not opt to repaint any panels or add PPF to it.

Interior is 95/100. Driver’s seat has some wear as expected for its age, but could easily be stretched back to normal by an upholstery shop. Otherwise, the interior looks excellent. I have owned and currently own many Roadsters, and it is the quietest Roadster interior at highway speeds I have ever experienced. I’ve long suspected it has a custom sound insulation that wasn’t used on later cars. It is quieter than all three of my 2.5 Sports I’ve owned that also featured the factory Stage I and II Sound Reduction packages, and this has always puzzled me.

Service – the pack is original. CAC is currently 104 out of 160. The pack charges to 128 Ideal Mi in Standard Mode and 155 Ideal Mi in Range Mode. PEM and Motor perform flawlessly with excellent temperatures. Brakes/Rotors are in good shape and perform well. Tires replaced recently with excellent tread remaining. No issues with TPMS. Both upper wishbones have been replaced which is a known squeaking issue on Roadsters. I am grateful to live near a Tesla service center that has an experienced and talented Roadster technician. After the most recent service on 11/13/23, the car had all pending tasks addressed and was given a clean bill of health. The car is due for its next Annual Service and fluid exchange in mid 2027 depending on average use.

According to a phone call with Hagerty, who have evidently appraised two other Validation Prototypes for stated value insurance policies, they suggested I could insure VP24 up to $500K due to its provenance and production position.

This car has been with me through many life events, including the first date, engagement, and wedding with my wife, which brings me to the reason for selling. My wife & I are investing in expanding our family business. My hope is that one of the most special Roadsters in history will be appreciated and shared with others, just as I’ve done for many years. A condition of sale is that you must provide custody photos to me regularly as we will severely miss this vehicle.

I am asking $185,000.

I am open to negotiation depending on the speed of sale.
Located in Dallas, TX
Additional photos available upon request, as well as a 4K video walkaround

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The Vehicle is sold "as is," and the Seller makes no express or implied warranties as to the condition or performance of the vehicle other than what is described in the Vehicle Specifics section.