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Facelift for Signature 100 Roadster

As Roadsters move into collectible status, the pedigreed versions, like early signature 100 or 250EU cars get most of the attention.
This Sig 47 Roadster showed its age and wear and tear, but the owner, recognizing its growing value, wanted to restore portions that would maintain originality and value.
The paint was faded with cloudy PPF. The seats had separation and wear marks, and the headlights were a cloudy mess with a loose lens inside, and a bad case of peeling, and ESS pack was bricked with a PEM full of EOL capacitors, and decaying insulating material, the soft top delaminating.
With these highly collectible Roadster, to preserve originality, we advise owners to repair, and resolve deferred maintenance items like PEM upgrades, suspension repairs, stock brakes, seat and headliner re-upholstery, headlight repairs, items that generally are acceptable changes that do not affect or diminish collectability value.
We also recommend however staying away from non-factory upgrades for these highly collectible vehicles like audio equipment upgrades, vehicle color changes, performance brake upgrades, CF accessories that were not on the car when sold, 12V battery relocation, or anything that would deviate from the list of items on the original build sheet.
This Sig Roadster, left with PPF replacements and paint improvement that makes the paint look a mile deep, Italian leather seats in the same color as the originals, freshly powder coated wheels in original color, and all deferred maintenance resolved in the electronics of the car, akin to an acceptable engine rebuild in an ICE collectible.

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