Sedona Roadster Comes to Visit

This Roadster, VIN 1147, is one of the cleanest, well-preserved, electric blue 2010 Roadsters we have seen.

We received a Tesla Roadster from Sedona, and were again surprised how well most owners take care of these iconic cars.
The images of the Roadster were taken around our shop, sprinkled with images I have taken in Sedona over the years.
What a great Roadster color choice (Electric Blue) when you live in a part of the world awash in bright vibrant colors.
This Roadster came in for an annual, PEM rebuild, and headlight rebuild, which is one of our newest services which takes often yellowed, peeling, foggy headlight assemblies, and makes them better than new.
Our home state, Arizona, has a worldwide reputation as the home of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world, but once people visit Sedona, it typically becomes their new favorite location in Arizona.

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