Arctic White comes back to life

This Roadster, VIN 1403, is on the final test drive in these pictures, and almost ready to go home.

It came in with a dead, locked wheels, and a bricked battery, like so many of the Roadsters shipped to us.
The instant it arrived, we put it on life support, since we always get a log file before the Roadster even came in, and knew exactly which brick had a resistive cell.  We have developed a sophisticated parsing program that analyzes Roadster log files, which are constantly being recorded, which allows us to see more clearly what is going on under the hood.

We can even pinpoint early trends not yet visible on the Vehicle Display Scree (VDS), for predictive analysis and early warning of evolving failures.

We were prepared for a bit of battery surgery, after initial life support and further diagnostic analysis for final confirmation, the offending dying cell was neutralized.

After careful cell balancing using our custom built 11 point charging system, this car now charges to 179 in standard mode, with a very healthy CAC of 150.89.

The customer then elected to get a full PEM rebuild and upgrade, OVMS to alert him through his cell phone of any issues, and paint improvement and a full PPF treatment, taking this Arctic White to a stunning new level of exterior protection and permanent shine.

This beautiful low mileage Roadster (10,000 miles) is now back on the road.

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