Two Major Repairs

Tesla Roadsters have a weakness unlike later models, that if you do not charge them for a couple of months, they reach a state of charge low enough where the charge port will no longer allow a charge.

The term coined in Tesla circles when this happens is a “Bricked” condition.

The only recourse for an owner is taking it to a shop like ours that specializes in Tesla Roadster service, since even the Tesla Service Centers no longer perform main battery recovery and repair, with a $30K replacement as the only option, combined with a wait list up to 2 years.

This Roadster came in dead for two reasons:

1 – The Power Electronics Module (PEM) had failed due to unresolved failed transistor insulating which eventually shorts the power transistors and blows the power inverter boards.

2 – The failed PEM did not allow the pack to be charged, and it eventually “bricked”.

This beautiful low mileage Roadster (8000 miles) is now back on the road, and charges to over 180 miles range.

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