Helping a car dealer sell a Roadster

Our website features a free “Tesla Roadster Matchmaking” section, where sellers can list their Roadsters for sale, without auction deadline pressure, eliminating no reserve risks, ability to talk to the sellers directly, and best of all, access to knowledgeable Roadster experts, available to coach prospective buyers who have lots of questions.

We became aware of a local car dealer selling a Roadster, and stepped in and offered to help by cross-posting the car.  We sent his listing to over 250 prequalified Roadster buyers, and it sold within 2 weeks.

The buyer is a discerning customer and wanted to tastefully take his Roadster to the next level.  Along with cosmetic improvements like having the dealer perform paint improvement and PPF, he then sent to Roadster to our shop for a complete PEM upgrade and rebuild, performance brake package, and other cosmetic items like cloudy CF repair, rear view mirror, TPMS sensors, delaminating hard top, OVMS, PEM cooling fan upgrades.  Since the Roadster came from a 4 seasons area, he even had us soda blast and clear coat any flash rust on the suspension components.

The twilight blue color really pops in the bright Arizona sun, and will continue to do so in its new home in Palm Springs.

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