World’s Most Expensive Tesla Ever

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This Gruber Motor Company web section unites more Roadster sellers with buyers than any other selling method, currently averaging two Roadster sales per month.

This particular Roadster owner came to us in a quandary about how to price an extremely low VIN (13) Signature 100 early car, but with an additional collectible element of only 892 miles on the odometer.

Since no precedent had been set for a Roadster hitting two highly collectible categories like this before, except for a recent record setting sale of a much higher mileage 2011 with 1300 miles selling for $190K just three weeks prior.

After much deliberation, we suggested throwing out a “fishing price” since he was in no hurry to sell, and $250K was selected as the listing price.  We first posted this asking one Saturday morning at 10AM.

The seller called me on the way to grocery shopping a couple of hours later, and asked if we could remove the sell price of $250K, and switch it to “Make Offer”, since he had 4 solid offers above asking.  We joked a bit about how Roadster sales seem to be following the residential housing market now, and reposted the listing as “Make Offer”.

The following day, Sunday, he called again and said the Roadster is now off the market having sold at an undisclosed sum above the original asking.

This sale makes this the highest priced Tesla ever, and ironically, a first gen Roadster now sold for more than the new supercar gen 2 Roadster, soon to be the world’s fastest production car, which we are all waiting for.

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