Silver Roadster and Contemporary Homes

When Tesla Roadsters come in every month, they are usually dead, batteries need CPR, and we bring them back to life.  After a successful recovery, the smart customer resolves deferred maintenance by having the other major drive train component rebuilt, the Power Electronics Module (PEM).

Such was the case with this Sterling Silver Roadster.

The final stage of a major PEM overhaul is test driving and cycle charging for a few days to settle the new components, and flush out any QC issues.

We have Pete Gruber do the majority of this test driving, entrusting him with customer cars.

He usually personally details these cars, and while test driving, often combines a photo shoot resulting in stunning images shared on our Gallery of Roadsters.

Today, he decided to try and match contemporary homes with this beautiful Sterling Silver Roadster, matching stunning architecture with the timeless design of the Roadster.  Enjoy!

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