Our first Brilliant Yellow Roadster

This is one of the rarest Roadster colors, applied the first time to Founders VIN 5 Roadster, allocated for Elon’s brother, Kimbal Musk.  This brilliant yellow Tesla Roadster came later, but is still one of very few that received this factory color.

This Roadster is exceptionally well preserved, with just under 5000 miles on the Odometer, which for a 2008 vehicle, is nothing short of remarkable.   Inside the cabin, which is pristine, there is a hint of new car odor.

We get many Roadsters in every month for a variety of reasons ranging from dead battery packs, to PEM rebuilds, electronic problems, and while they are here, customers elect to have a number of other upgrades and improvements done to their cars.  This one came in dead, with a bricked battery, more common now that these packs are aging, and was revived.  The customer elected to include a list of other repairs and upgrades like paint correction, PPF, Ceramic Coating, 12V battery relo, and other items.

The yellow on this Roadster is comparable to a “school bus yellow” which on any other car, without the sport car curves inherent to Tesla Roadsters, would look nowhere near as stunning as it does on this car.

The original cast wheels and color, seem to compliment this Roadster perfectly.

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