Black on Black

We get many Roadsters in every month for a variety of reasons ranging from dead battery packs, to PEM rebuilds, electronic problems, and while they are here, customers elect to have a number of other upgrades and improvements done to their cars.

This one came in for a pro-active PEM upgrade and rebuild, and a list of other repairs and upgrades like paint correction, some minor body work, and suspension repair.

This black on black Roadster really defines what can be done to create an aggressive look, without a carbon fiber overload.  What adds some spice is the red accents in the performance brake calipers, and the visium top, which does not hide the carbon fiber roll cage cover, like the OEM hard tops do.  Even in Phoenix direct sun, the visium hardtop allows just enough light to come through, while maintaining a blacked out exterior look and feel.

The black wheels allow the performance brakes to take front and center, making this a really stunning Roadster combination.

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