Only Factory Wood Interior

This one of a kind Tesla Roadster (VIN 1262), was commissioned by the owner with unique upgrades so special, Franz Von Holzhausen was personally involved along with his team of designers at Tesla.

The customer’s design criteria was to recreate, in the Roadster, the look and feel of the old english MG, and Triumphs, which his father collected, and revive these 60’s cars in a Tesla Roadster.

1 – The exterior would be a custom emerald green, with no Carbon Fiber.
2 – The interior, should have burl wood accents, clearly deviating from the common plastic, leather, and carbon fiber trim pieces.

As most things Roadster, these cars often have a backstory, and this one does not disappoint.  This customer is relocating this one-of Roadster from Orange County, to Montreal Canada, and needed valuation confirmation and an appraisal.  It looks like Canada is getting one more unique Roadster.

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