We Resurrect Roadsters

This story plays itself out often these days.

A Roadster is not charged for a couple of months, its beeping imminent death pleas are not heard or understood, and the Roadster will not charge anymore.

What happens next is vital.  Left unattended, the Roadster will go from recoverable, to “hard bricked” and the only thing that can save it is a battery replacement, which at the time of this article, does not exist.

We currently get one of these Roadsters per week now, and due to much better education and awareness, hard bricked Roadsters are no longer the norm.  We can recover even 6-9 month bricked Roadsters, and put them back on the road.  We also no longer rely on sheet replacements, since our recovery process now includes sheet repair, and cell isolation.

This fine Radiant Red is a raising from the dead example, and the common trail of frustrated and terrified owner, eventually finding us, shipping us the Roadster, and a recovery, now charging back up to 176 miles in standard mode.

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