Want to buy my Roadster for parts?

Another sad looking Roadster that got stuck in bricked mode, and sat waiting for a solution.

The customer was disheartened with the lack of solutions, and it took a bit of convincing all was not lost.

The Roadster was not only bricked, but like so many, the brief window of VDS screen still active to initiate tow mode was missed, and the rear wheel were locked.  Transporters become very difficult to find when they have to deal with locked wheels, and winches.

The Roadster arrived, looking sad as ever, and before we even let them into the Service Center, they get a bath which revealed a beautiful fusion red body.

The customer still seemed to have given up on this car.  As we described the life support we had placed it on, with a battery pull to resolve some resistive cells planned, he asked us if we just wanted to buy it for parts.

An unscrupulous vendor might have jumped at the chance to lowball an offer and pick up a fully restorable Roadster.  We suggested he might want to wait to make a sell decision until we work our magic.

We had the Roadster back on the road within a few weeks of arrival, and a surprised and appreciative customer.

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