Want to buy Roadster parts?

We got a call from someone trying to sell us Roadster parts.

We do not get a lot of offers like this, but when we do, we have been buying Roadsters parts for many years.  We were offered a hard top, and a charge cable.

We always ask where they got these items, to which the seller replied they were from his Roadsters.  This begged more questions specifically, why is he selling part from his Roadster.

He answered that his Roadster is dead, cannot charge (bricked) and down for the count, at a Service Center.  He said since the waiting list for a replacement battery is over a year now or more, he is selling his this car from his collection to Tesla for parts.

We asked how long the Roadster was has been bricked, and he said a few weeks.  We cautiously pointed out that we are in the business of recovering dead Roadsters, and a car bricked only a few weeks was quite repairable with our ESS Battery Pack recovery process.

We had the Roadster back on the road within a few weeks of arrival.  It turns out the bricked state was a bit longer then a few weeks, but still within our range of recovery with a battery pull, and a sheet repair.

The Roadster is now reunited with a very pleased owner who really wanted to keep a Roadster in his car collection.

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