Serious Case of Sunburn

Visible Carbon Fiber hard tops are rare.  When we see them on Roadsters, they always make the car pop.

This poor Roadster had the worst case of Carbon Fiber resin decomposition and peeling we have ever seen.

Every Roadster gets a bath before we let it enter the Service Center, and during the wash, the clear coat kept coming off in sheets it had delaminated to badly.

We were not sure the resin degradation would allow us to restore the carbon fiber top and tackled it anyway.

After cautious sanding and removal of compromised delaminating resin, we tested it by applying water in small spots and found the deep luster returning.

To counteract the yellowing, we blended tiny amounts of black pigment into the catalyzed clearcoat, and were astounded at the results after a final cut and buff.

The main reason it came in to our Service Center was PEM problem which got resolved which is of course not visible.  The Hard Top on the other hand is highly visible and as the before and after images illustrate, a huge improvement to the Roadster, and a very happy customer.

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