White Wheels

This beautiful Glacier Blue Tesla Roadster sold at the local Scottsdale Arizona Barrett Jackson auction.

It was celebrity owned, by Dana Brunetti, an American media executive, film producer, entrepreneur and co-founder and chief content officer of Cavalry Media.

Brunetti has been nominated for two Academy Awards for producing The Social Network and Captain Phillips and five Emmy Awards for producing the Netflix series House of Cards.

His artistic influence is visible in the upgrades this Glacier Blue Tesla Roadster underwent.

Adding design details such as the light blue front lip recessed parking lights, white powder coated wheels, and Tesla logo running along the sides of the car, this became a head turner Tesla.

The successful Barrett Jackson bidder, a long time Tesla employee and Manager, had been looking for just the right Roadster, a car which really is a tribute and survivor of the tough financial periods while the company was growing.

Planning on keeping the car a long time, he immediately sent it to us for a post-purchase inspection, and numerous additional improvements and enhancements. His dream was to own one of these iconic cars early Tesla cars, and finally realizing his dream, he knew exactly where to take it to move the Roadster to the next level.

Although the Roadster was in great condition, it had deferred maintenance issues, ranging from old coolant pumps and cooling fans, to a 10 year old Power Electronics Module (PEM) which is full of wear items, engineering issues, and old electrolytic capacitors. We replaced door sills with Carbon Fiber versions, and updated the remote vehicle access to 4G with an aftermarket OVMS system.

Additionally, the Roadsters have a 12 Volt battery buried under a passenger headlight which needs to be replaced every couple of years or so. One of our aftermarket improvements is a battery relocation kit which now allows 5 minute DIY replacement at a fraction of the cost.

We do have to admit however, our favorite part of this Glacier Blue was the white wheels, which popped perfectly with the side TESLA banners.
Most people do not realize this was a popular option before the other Tesla cars, when no one on the road recognized the car, or the company.

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