Parts Roadster Saved

Buying salvage collision damaged Roadsters is a great way to build a spare parts inventory to keep these cars on the road.

We bought this jet black Roadster for this very purpose, as a parts donor.  It had a good battery, and we had plenty of customers waiting for a donor pack, and body panels are always in demand.

Once we received the Roadster, and placed it in our parts Roadster line-up, we realized it was sitting next to another jet black Roadster, with front end damage on the exact opposite side. We could not bring ourselves to part out a restorable Roadster.

To put this parts Roadster back together, we needed to recreate the damaged and missing portion of the crash box.  Since we had a parts Roadster with an intact portion of this missing parts, we created a splash mold using our existing Roadster, and then grafted the recreated piece to replace the damaged and missing part. Body panels were repaired and painted.

This Roadster was spared the fate of so many donor cars, and rather than being rendered back into parts, it is now in our Tesla lease program, being enjoyed by our customers.