Elon Signed this Roadster

This special Tesla Roadster is the last standard production car off the assembly line.  VIN 1459, marked the end of Roadster production in North America, which is why Elon autographed the PEM.

After this final Roadster, came five special paint Roadsters, with carbon fiber plaque, called the a “final five”.

What makes this car so special is:

1 – It came to us, like so many, dead and unable to charge with a dying ESS battery packs.  Transport took longer than anticipated since the Roadster did not get CPR when it bricked, and the locked wheels posed a transport challenge.  Precious time was wasted further draining the ESS pack, but despite these obstacles, we repaired the pack and brought it back to life.

2 – We see a lot of low mileage collectible Roadsters, pampered and flawless.  This one is over the top, with only 2400 miles (after 10 years), never in the rain (came from FL), and once we put it up on the lift, we realized this undercarriage, and internals were so clean and undisturbed, we though we were looking at a Roadster that had just rolled off the assembly line (take note of the gallery images).  This Roadster looked like it was in a time warp.  Meticulously stored and preserved, nothing like we have ever seen.

3 –  Being the last production Roadster off the assembly line in the USA, VIN 1459, Elon autographed this Roadster on the PEM, and it appears as fresh as the day it was signed.

The battery recovery was straightforward,  Had we not encountered transport delays, and had the Service Plug been pulled on the ESS pack, this Roadster would have been a Level 1 battery recovery without pulling the battery pack.  Since one of the sheets, had a battery brick which had been below 2 VDC for too long, a sheet replacement was necessary, which requires a Level 2 battery pull.

This Roadster was so perfect, we were able to reverse engineer and document much of the chassis and frame, providing a rare glimpse what these cars looked like fresh off the assembly line.  Using current state-of-the-art hi res camera equipment, we were able to generate high quality images of the mechanical portions of the Roadster.  (A sampling is attached)

This rare Roadster will remain on the celebrity list as these cars become more collectible.

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