Visible Carbon Fiber Roadster

Every once in a while, a one-of Roadster comes in for service.  This particular one car belonged to a Tesla executive, and as a result, demo products were installed for beta testing including a performance brake package, and limited slip differential.

The backstory on this one includes a collision, and auction purchase, and a daring deviation from just collision damage repair.  This customer contracted a vendor to not only repair the broken body panels, but apply carbon fiber over the majority of the Roadster exterior, making it the only visible Carbon Fiber Tesla Roadster in existence.  Due to difficulty in applying carbon fiber over compound curve portions of the exterior panels, the front and rear section of the Roadster were painted a color closely resembling carbon fiber.

The resin and clear coat used, yellowed over time, and the owner contracted a body shop to restore the finish.  Somewhere along the way, the Roadster got bricked.

By the time it arrived at our Service Center, we realized it was hard bricked, meaning it needed 10 of 11 ESS Battery Sheets replaced.  Since they were too far gone for sheet repair, this Roadster is waiting for a replacement donor pack.  Being a limited edition R80, and donors for this upgraded battery are extremely rare, this car is now waiting for the next Tesla ESS pack solution.

It is one of the most popular Roadsters in our Service Center.