They Bricked all 3 Roadsters

Every Tesla Roadster seems to have an interesting backstory.

This backstory made history.  Three Tesla Roadster were sent to an automotive sales consignment shop to be sold for an owner, and they did not realize these cars need to be kept charged.

As a result, all three were bricked when they arrived at our Service Center.

Bricked Roadsters that have not been properly attended to when they initially get bricked, have locked wheels making transport more difficult and expensive.  You can see the Roadsters getting winched off the transport vehicle, and moved with Forklifts.  Once in our Service Center, we are able to release the park lock by communicating with the Vehicle Management System (VMS) with CANBUS commands.

The “Electric Blue” Roadster was the most highly optioned Roadster we have seen with premium executive full leather interior. The original sales literature was included, and the sticker price was just north of $151K.

All three battery packs were long term bricks meaning the ESS Battery Packs were too far gone for sheet repair, and would have needed all sheets replaced.

To get the Electric Blue Roadster running we did a battery swap from one of our donor cars.