While your Roadster is here

It makes sense to proactively replace certain wear related items while your Roadster is in our first class Service Center. These items include:


PEM Upgrade

The Power Electronics Module PEM is full of electronic wear components and known engineering defects. A full upgrade resolves these and prepares your Roadster for another decade.


Replacing a 12 volt battery in a Roadster requires jacking up the car, wheel and wheel well removal. Our “Battery box in the trunk” eliminates the hassles.

Coolant Pump-2

This pump works continuously to cool the main battery pack. It consists of a brush design DC pump motor, bearings, and an impeller. Changing this one is a no-brainer.

LED Headlight-500-$

Lamp technology has improved tremendously with LED technology. We can upgrade your stock headlights with much brighter LED inserts that actually draw less current.

Peeling Headlight-500-$

Roadster headlights are known for cracking and peeling clear coat on headlights. We can resurface the finish and give your headlights that brand new look and sparkle.

Layer 2

Since the summer of 2019, the Garmin GPS firmware has had a week number overflow bug that causes the GPS to roll back to the year 2000. We fix and reprogram the firmware.


This fan assembly is the primary PEM cooling system. These motors are brush based and have bearings that wear out. The wiring connectors are undersized, burn out, and are also replaced.

TPMS Sensors

TPMS sensors are an important safety item. Roadster TPMS sensors fail over time, and need to be replaced.We replace all four, and program them to your car.

Cabin LED

LED bulbs are generally brighter than incandescent bulb, they run cooler, and draw less current, which in an electric car means you can go further between charges.


Tesla Roadsters require annual maintenance which includes PEM cooling system cleaning. We also include a 23 point inspection, and free 12 Volt battery replacement.


This add-on option is one of the most popular accessories. It provides Cell Phone access and allows for diagnostic access for advanced troubleshooting and problem resolution.


This duct sits below the PEM, and funnels cool air from the Pem Cooling Fan to the Power Transistor Heat Sinks. As it ages, it cracks, splits, and limits cooling.


The nosecone on a Roadster sits low and between driveways, speed bumps, this area of the car usually needs some attention. We repair scratches and recoat.


These gas powered struts hold up the rear trunk lid. They are god for only 7 years, and are like shock absorbers which need to be periodically replaced. A new set extends the trunk all the way.

Performance Brakes

Roadsters are notoriously weak on stopping power, and as a result, unsafe. This performance brake package is specifically designed to replace the stock brakes.

Turnk Release

The Roadster rear trunk actuator is a solenoid sandwiched between the trunk and the rear bumper. As this solenoid ages, a ruber boot cracks, and moisture penetrates the unit.

Red Calipers

Red Brake Calipers have come to denote racing and performance. Even if you do not install our brake performance upgrade, at least paint your calipers red.

Charge Cable Plug

This 15 Amp GFI Plug on the end of the 120 VAC Roadster charge cable has been responsible for bricked cars. It declines with use and age, and needs to be replaced periodically.


We check the tire depth on each car, and look for age related issues. Some Roadsters are weekend cars. Although the tread depth may be within spec, they may be older than 6 years.


Partnered with a high end audio conversion shop in Scottsdale, we are able to offer substantial improvements over the stock audio system in the Tesla Roadster.


Shocks only last 6 years. When they deteriorate, you start feeling every bump and pothole. These are the upgrade performance version shocks put in the Sport version Roadsters.

Key Lock Rebuild

The ignition lockset selected for the Roadster has a cast aluminum housing.  As it wears, keys become sticky and difficult to remove, and eventually the key can no longer be turned.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing surface scratches and imperfections. We have two levels which bring the original paint finish leaving behind a new car finish.

Suspension Rebuild-$

As Roadsters age, driving them often becomes a bone jarring experience.  This suspension rebuild replaces all bushings, toe & drop links, and ball joints making your ride smooth again.

Suspension Powder Coat-$

Suspension hardware rusts and corrodes as it ages.  When replacing all bushings, with new parts, it is a great time to clean, protect, and make the suspension structure better than new.

Brake Line Flush-$

Replace your aged and worn brake lines to resist fraying and wear, in the areas subject to flex within the suspension system. An easy replacement with a Brake Fluid Flush included.

Seat-Door Panels-500-$

You can feel the difference between our buttery smooth Italian Leather and new padding re-upholstery.  This price included both seats and door panels.


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