An Electric Vehicle (EV), compared to an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car, is lower maintenance.

Despite having a fraction of the moving parts, and wear items common in an ICE car, there are important maintenance requirements in an EV. 

These are commonly addressed during an annual maintenance session at the Tesla Service Centers, or qualified independent Tesla shops like Gruber Motor Company.


These are just some of the items analyzed and diagnosed for functionality:

  • Full range of charge capabilities are tested
  • Error log file is retrieved and analyzed
  • All closure mechanisms fully tested, windows, hood, trunk, charge port
  • Remote keyless entry functions tested
  • Key FOB battery replacement
  • Safety items tested and diagnosed - Seat belts, Airbag
  • Interior lighting checks
  • Exterior lighting checks
  • Gear change and brake lights checked
  • Fluid level checks - Brakes - Coolant
  • TPMS sensors tested and verified
  • Tire inspection - Embedded hazards - Tire condition - Depth - Age - Pressure
  • Suspension checks include - Inspection, Torque setting verification
  • Cabin Filter replaced
  • Thermal management pumps tested
  • HVAC system levels and functionality verified
  • HVAC Condenser inspection
  • Charge port cleaned and functionality tested and verified
  • Windshield wipers replaced
  • Wash and detail exterior with synthetic wax application
  • Wipe down interior - Leather treatment - Pressure wash floor mats
Annual Maintenance Service Cost                $695

These are sensible upgrades to consider during a S3XY annual:

  • Transaxle flush and lubricant replacement