Underneath the drivers side dash, sits this electronics module, that controls a variety of low voltage functions in the car.  When they fail, the wiper motor slows or stops running, headlights may stay on or never come on, and other low voltage devices stop functioning.

This electronic module was placed in a less than accessible mounting location, requiring removal of all dash panels, side waterfalls, airbag cover which requires new fasteners to reattach, center vent cover, instrument cluster hood, steering wheel panels, and the entire dash pad.

Of all the electronic modules in the Roadster, this one is in the most hostile environment, sitting below the windshield, and below a black dash, exposing it to the most heat of any of the modules.

Fortunately, there are no highly heat sensitive components on this board like electrolytic capacitors, but a microprocessor, and a collection of MOSFET transistors that do the heavy lifting, switching and turning on the variety of lights in the Roadster.

Like all Roadster electronic assemblies, this part has been out of production for many years.   Tesla may have dwindling supply left.  Spares are often harvested from donor Roadsters, the supply of which is also steadily declining.  Even if a replacement is found, the module has aged and may have inherent deferred maintenance issues.

Fortunately, this part is quite repairable and rebuildable.  We have successfully reverse engineered this part, and are offering full repair and rebuild services which includes replacement of all solid state switching devices.

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Dash copy

This rebuild is performed in our electronics lab