Crumbling PEM Motor Connector Block

This injection molded ABS plastic connector block becomes increasingly more brittle with age. Repeated loosening and re-torquing of the 8MM bolts connecting the 3Ø AC Induction Drive Motor to the PEM, usually performed annually, eventually weakens this connector block, and prevents a solid connection to the Motor.

This PEM output port is the high amperage, high voltage, connection to the Drive Motor which propels the car.

Three square captivator nuts, loosely recessed into this connector block, eventually place enough stress onto the connector block during loosening or tightening. This results in cracking of the ABS square nut captivator pocket, and in severe cases as shown, the block crumbles.

The injection mold for this assembly is long gone, and the most cost effective way to reproduce this part in small quantities is 3D printing. Our Machine Shop modifies the PEM output Motor Drive Control bus bar by inserting pem-nuts into the bus. The stress is now relocated onto a much stronger copper bus bar shown below.

Broken Motor Block-Three-1

We also offer a complete PEM upgrade and rebuild

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