Broken DC Input Block-1

This injection molded ABS plastic connector block becomes increasingly more brittle with age. Repeated loosening and re-torquing of the connections in the PEM, which connect to the ESS Battery Pack, usually performed annually, eventually weakens this connector block.

This input port is the high amperage, high voltage, connection from the main battery pack in the Tesla Roadster.

DC Input Block Upgrade

Besides a cracked or broken insulating connector block, there is another compelling reason for replacing this assembly if it is compromised. One of the places it cracks eventually allows 400 Volts DC to ground. Even though the the high voltage in a Roadster is isolated from ground, this much voltage floating on the chassis can be dangerous.

The injection mold for this assembly is long gone, and the most cost effective way to reproduce this part in small quantities is 3D printing. Our Machine Shop modifies the new 3D printed housing with brass sleeves instead of relying on plastic with self tapping hardware which eventually strips out the plastic for a weak or non-existent connection.

We also offer a complete PEM upgrade and rebuild

PEM Rebuild Info