The resources for a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle pre-purchase inspection are plentiful.  Pre-purchase inspection resources for a used Tesla vehicle however are very limited at this time, since the EV market is still niche.  Tesla Service Centers, although highly qualified to perform this service, do not offer per-purchase inspections yet.

Very few independent Tesla service organizations exist, and even fewer are qualified to perform an indepth pre-purchase inspection on a Tesla vehicles, since it combines body/paint, mechanical, and electronics and software expertise, all unique to Tesla vehicles.  Gruber Motor Company is uniquely qualified combining all skills required, with years of Tesla product automotive, service, and engineering expertise.

With the volume of vehicles that come through our Service Center, we have seen a wide range of issues in Tesla vehicles that provide compelling reasons invest in an inspection prior to purchase.  The majority of Tesla vehicles are serviced by highly trained an competent staff at Tesla owned Service Centers. 

The majority of problems we see are the result of services provided by other shops, especially for vehicles that had been exempted from eligibility for Tesla Service Center visits, like salvage cars, or customers looking for service bargains.  Since Tesla does not yet provide any training for non-Tesla owned operations except for a select few authorized collision body shops, previous work performed can be sub-standard and non-spec.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Cost

Our pre-purchase Tesla vehicle inspection services include a thorough body structure analysis while the vehicle is up on the lift.  We inspect everything underneath, especially frame, suspension parts, high voltage battery connections, tires/brakes, steering and suspension, drive train.  We also examine body panel alignment, window regulators, door handles, AC system, fluids, etc.

A drive test reveals braking, steering, alignment, and suspension or handling issues.

In addition, we attach our proprietary service laptops to the car's Media Control Unit (MCU) firmware, view log files of car, and dive deep into history,  which can shed much needed light on the state of operation of any electrical modules and sensors which runs across the CAN / OBD bus and controls car.