Window Regulators in Model S and X vehicles get a workout and require periodic repair or replacement.  We offer re-manufactured Window Regulator Assemblies with an improved and more durable design, and can install them for you.

Remanufactured Assembly Only
Assembly & Installation

What makes this item fail

Power Window Regulators get a workout in any car.  Constructed with pulleys, cables, and springs and bushings, there are a lot of moving parts in these assemblies.

This is a list of faults which can occur:

  • The side window stops before closing all the way
  • It takes multiple attempts to get the side window to close all the way
  • The unit just stays stuck, either open or closed

Our re-manufacturing process includes a key improvement which slows down future failure:

  • A plastic guide bushing is replaced with a billet aluminum version increasing strength

We sell re-manufactured Window Regulators, and can install them for you. As always, our Tech Support lines are staffed and available for assistance.