The touch activated recessed Model S door handles are a signature Tesla innovation.  Although an expensive add-on, this accessory is one of the first impressions, which starts the "Wow" factor so common to Tesla cars.  These sub-assemblies are more complex than a mechanical door assembly, and as a result, require periodic maintenance.

Remanufactured Assembly
Assembly & Installation

What makes this item fail

The Tesla Model S has a recurring issue with the door handle especially on the earlier cars which are now increasingly out of warranty. One of three faults occur:

  • The handle is not presenting, stays flush to the door, is slightly raised, and makes a whirring or clunking noise
  • The door handle presents fine, but when you pull the handle, it is not unlocking the door
  • The door handle fails to retract

Our re-manufacturing process includes a number of replacements and improvements:

  • The gear pawl is upgraded to a solid steel version instead of cast aluminum
  • The microswitches are all modified with strain relief

We sell re-manufactured door assemblies, and can install them for you. As always, our Tech Support lines are staffed and available for assistance.