Tesla Roadster – Highland Park, IL USA




VIN 5YJRE11B281000446 Year 2008 red x Rear Camera greenCheck Can Jr. Adapter
Transmission Automatic Mileage 8,668 Mi | 13,949 Km greenCheck Hard Top greenCheck Can Sr. Adapter
Body Type 2 Door Coupe Make Tesla greenCheck Soft Top red x Brake Upgrade
Warranty Guaranteed Operational Model Roadster red x Carbon Fiber Hard Top red x GMC Rebuilt PEM
0-60 MPH 3.9 Seconds Battery Size 53 KW red x 12V Battery Relocation red x Sport Version
Fuel Type 100% Electric C.A.C. red x LED Headlights red x OVMS Upgrade
Exterior Color Black Range @ 85% 190 Mi | 305 Km red x Infotainment Group red x R80 Battery Pack
Additional Info Pristine - Garage kept Carbon Fiber Ext Trim Executive Leather
HID Headlights


Vehicle Specifics

This is another very low mileage Roadster which has a very strong battery pack, in the Chicago area.

Bought by a couple of hedge fund guys in Chicago.  The seller is the second owner.

It has been garaged it entire life.

2008 Tesla Roadster
Jet Black with Saddle Interior
Clear title
Vin: 5YJRE11B281000446
Current Mileage: 8668

We usually ask for the backstory on any Roadster for sale, because these cars are very special, and usually have a fascinating history.  Here is what the current owner sent:

I did note some options I did not list when I initially posted the car on the Gruber website: 1) Premium Paint, 2) Hard Top Carbon Fiber, 3) Electronic Group, 4) Floor Mats, 5) Premium Interior, 6) Performance Tires, 7) High Power Connector, 8) Mobile Connector MC 240, 90) Mobile Connector MC120.

The Back Story on my 2008 Black on Camel Tesla Roadster:

This Tesla was custom made for “Third Stone Partners”, an investment group located in Chicago.  The Third Stone founding partners, Bob Lassandrello and Mike Quattrocki, were one of the first Roadster buyers as one of their firm’s key themes is alternate energy investment.  Their 2008 Black on Camel Tesla Roadster was the 446th Roadster off the production line and was delivered to Mike and Bob in Chicago in late 2009.

The owners fastidious approach was to keep the Roadster in a humidity and temperature controlled garage located at Mike’s home on the North Shore of Chicago.  As I was looking to purchase a Roadster in 2017, I searched all over the country to find a pristine Roadster with very low miles and, hopefully, a somewhat rare Black on Camel combination.  I took trips to Sarasota, FL, Houston, Texas and San Francisco in search of my dream Roadster.

I was actually negotiating on two different Roadsters, neither of which were Black on Camel, when I was at the University Club in Chicago and overheard a discussion at the bar about two guys wanting to sell a Roadster.  So, I politely introduced myself and asked about the car and the sellers.  The guys at the bar had not seen the car but did know it was black with very low miles — and they knew Bob and Mike.  Armed with Mike’s contact information, I proceeded to call him.  He confirmed Bob and he were selling the Roadster; they had a bit of a disagreement as to how the car was to be managed going forward.  Bob wanted to keep the Roadster in Mike’s environmentally controlled garage and not put many miles on the Roadster, but Mike wanted to get the Roadster out and about.

Rather than have the Roadster disrupt their long standing friendship, they decided to sell.  When I heard about the color of the interior and the condition of the Roadster, I was almost too excited to talk.  Here, the car of my dreams was only 4 miles from my home!

As you might guess, I told Bob and Mike that I would take very good care of the Roadster, keeping it in a temperature controlled garage and drive only limited miles each year.  So, I’ve owned the Roadster since December 2017 when it had 6600 miles and it now has 8600 miles – driving only about 570 miles a year. I’ve actually averages fewer miles per year than Mike and Bob!

I’ve recently purchased a home on the North Shore of Chicago overlooking Lake Michigan.  The house needs some work and really needs a pool.  So, I’m looking to find a good home for my Tesla Roadster and invest more in my new home.

Let me know if you are interested in this really sweet, low millage, Black on Camel 2008 Tesla Roadster.


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