Tesla Roadster – Hollister, CA USA




VIN 5YJRE11B381000590 Year 2010 greenCheck Rear Camera red x Can Jr. Adapter
Transmission Automatic Mileage 38359 Mi | 61732 Km greenCheck Hard Top greenCheck Can Sr. Adapter
Body Type 2 Door Coupe Make Tesla greenCheck Soft Top red x Brake Upgrade
Warranty Guaranteed Operational Model Roadster red x Carbon Fiber Hard Top red x GMC Rebuilt PEM
0-60 MPH 3.9 Seconds Battery Size 80 KW red x 12V Battery Relocation red x Sport Version
Fuel Type 100% Electric C.A.C. red x LED Headlights red x OVMS Upgrade
Exterior Color Little Lilac Range @ 85% 270 Mi | 434 Km red x Infotainment Group greenCheck R80 Battery Pack
Additional Info This Roadster may have the most range of any listed for sale. Carbon Fiber Ext Trim Executive Leather
HID Headlights


Vehicle Specifics

This is another very rare color, painted at the Hethel UK Lotus Factory, one owner  Roadster.  Only two are know in existence, one in Japan, and this one in the USA.
The owner of this rare example is truly an early adopter.  This special order pearl lavender called “Little Lilac” a DuPont color, which cost an additional $5K.

(Interior color is “mostly black with some beige which was the closest match to the exterior color)

It also has a 3.0 battery pack installed a couple of years ago, with 270 miles range in standard mode, and 325 in range mode.  There are only about 2K miles on this 3.0 battery which has over 3 Years warranty & over 70,000 miles remaining on battery warranty”

This Roadster has another rare and sought after limited feature – Fondmetal 7400 5 Spoke grey cast wheels. Tesla legend has it that Elon decided that these early one color charcoal grey wheels did not have enough pop, so going forward this wheel style would now include a polished metallic spoke face. The wheels on this Roadster are the pre-modification, and very few were sold with Roadsters.  Tires have only a few thousand miles logged.

Since this owner is an early adopter, he tells a fascinating story. While early Roadster buyers were waiting for their cars, Tesla called a meeting with about 50 early Roadster adopters. Elon was present and told them all that Tesla needed an additional $5K, raising the final price of the Roadster.  Most balked, were unhappy, since they already put down $15K-20K and still hadn’t seen their Roadster, and now there was a price increase before delivery.

Elon allegedly got mad and claimed without the price increase the company would go under.

Included is the hard top, soft top, three chargers, Yellow Cable, UMC Cable, with adapters, extensions, and a Clipper Creek HPC charger.
In addition, the hardtop has been stored in the Tesla package since day one, and the package includes an original Tesla car cover.  The original paperwork is also included.

An additional sidenote – The owner of this rare Roadster is also an electronics engineer, and gave Elon a design for DC fast charging for the Roadster.  It was not adopted, most likely due to the fact no further Roadster product release delays could be tolerated.

(1) R80 upgraded battery pack with Tesla warranty in effect
(2) I did NOT want to include the high power home charger
(3) included are the hardtop Tesla roof, soft-top Tesla roof, as well as ALL available Tesla charging connecting cables for:

(I) 125 VAC ‘trickle charging’
(ii) 250 VAC 15-Amp {NEMA 5-15 / 6-15}
(iii) 240 VAC 20-Amp {NEMA 6-20}
(iv)240 VAC 30-Amp {NEMA 10-30 / L14-30 / 14-30}
(v) 240 VAC 50-Amp {NEMA 14-50 / 6-50}

with Universal Mobile Connector Adaptor and the ‘CAN’ Adaptor…
Included also is the JVC Rear View Backup Camera
Sound system is surround-sound with GPS & Satellite capability (with subscription)


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The Vehicle is sold "as is," and the Seller makes no express or implied warranties as to the condition or performance of the vehicle other than what is described in the Vehicle Specifics section.