Roadster Registry Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VIN number of the Roadster in Space?

We actually received a submission from Starman, who must have seen our Roadster Registry and Census postings.

Not wanting to be left out, he gave us details of his Roadster hurtling through space.  This used to be one of two Roadsters privately owned by Elon.

It is a unique color - Midnight Cherry, and only one other has this same unusual paint - VIN 687, a terrestial Roadster owned by someone still on this planet.

Why are there duplicate VINs

It is because we often have a Roadster that has been resold, and both owners are still in our db which are cleaned up as we get updates.

The other reason is the VIN assignment discipline between AMEA and USA was not coordinated well, and duplicate VINS are common. In these cases, the US VINs start with 5 and the other versions start with S.

A third reason is that production categories like Engineering Prototypes, Validation Prototypes, and Founders Series cars were all mixed in with VIN runs.

Will this list change?

As we published this list, we have requested updates and feedback from owners.

Our staff reviews submissions and changes daily.

As time goes by, the registry will become more accurate, and continue to grow in numbers.

How is this list of Roadsters used?

There has been much interest in how many Roadsters are left, what the density is by country, what the disposition of the vehicles is, driving, bricked, or parts cars.

Our goal is to provide answer all these questions, and give Roadster owners a voice, and provide Tesla corporate meaningful data for production planning.

Am I under obligation if I sign up for a 3.0 ESS Pack?

Getting your name in que secures your place.  We update Tesla monthly with updated que entries.

When Tesla contacts you for a ESS pack upgrade, and you are not ready, or choose to continue using a still functioning battery pack, you can decline, and they will move to the next one in line.

Customers that have declined merely move further down the line.

How large is this data base of Roadster owners?

Our Roadster owner data base is the result of collecting customers from our service activities, E-Store orders, call-ins, tech support activities, social media contacts, and owner submissions, all collected since 2013.

The Census list only displays Roadsters we have confirmed VINs for (739 to date).

The total number of known Roadsters without VINs in our data base is currently 1175.  When added to the known VINs (739), it brings the total accounted for to 1914.  We are waiting for VIN and status confirmation before we add these to the Census program.

What is the "Lost Roadster Census" section?

Tesla sold about 2,450 Roadsters in over 30 countries.

Over the years, a number of events have declined that number including vehicles involved in collisions and totaled some of which were restored and re-emerged as salvage titles cars, and many that were sent to the scrap yard, or bought and rendered for parts.

Another source of decline in numbers was a Roadster buyback program by Tesla, who running low on parts, began offering owners generous trade-in programs, and parting out cars to resupply dwindling inventory levels.

Two fires, in 2017 and 2021 at the Gruber Motor Company service centers resulted in a number of Roadsters perished.

Cars lost are categorized - Fire, Parts, and Collision.

How can you help make this Census a success?

With generous support from the owner community, and volunteers that have dedicated themselves to collecting Roadster history, VINs, images, and backstories, a mosaic has begun to evolve chronicling and documenting the history of these iconic first generation Teslas.

We continue to depend on the community of current and previous owners and enthusiasts to fill in the gaps, supply information, and help make this public access Roadster Census tool the standard for all things Roadster.

Gruber Motor Company continues its commitment to providing staff to manage and continuously update and keep this list current.

Thank you all for your participation and submissions of vehicle updates, and collected and shared Roadster VIN lists.